Gianluca Attoli.
Freelance translator.

A really good one.

About Me

I am a full-time, 9 years-experienced freelance translator, editor and linguistic consultant based in Monza, Italy.

I translate and revise documents from English and French to Italian.

And I am pretty good at it.

I am focused, passionate, accurate, reasonably smart and cultured enough to think out of any box.

I know my mother language and my specialty areas deeply enough to shape them exactly for your needs and targets.

I am honest enough to accept only projects for which I can guarantee the best quality for.

... and I love this job enough not to mind spending weekends or nights helping you meeting the deadliest deadlines.


I currently work mostly with SDL Trados 2017, MemoQ 8.5 and Memsource 6 but no problem if you prefer me to use your own cloud-based or web-based CAT platform - I am a quick learner.

I translate, revise and edit texts and documents mostly in the following areas, which are the fields I have the best & long-time experience in (as that small selection of happy end clients down there can confirm).

I am always open and willing to explore new segments as long as my expertise can fit in. Try me.


e-commerce platforms & shops
hardware & software manuals
reports & analytics


internal & client newsletters
internal surveys
e-learning platforms


end user manuals
operator manuals
safety sheets
technical specifications

*(mostly concerning DIY & gardening, household, consumer electronics, toys, food preparation, cleaning).


press kits & releases
creative contents
surveys & reports
linguistic assessments


softwares & tools
mobile & desktop apps


luxury boats
jewellery & watches
hospitality & food
booking platforms
brochures & travel guides

1,500,000 +

words translated


deadlines missed


eur/source word (tra)


eur/hour (rev)


I was born in 1984 in Monza, a lovely town near Milano, Italy. After getting a Diploma in Foreign Languages in 2003, I graduated in 2006 in Inter-Cultural Communications (BA) and in 2009 in Communications and Publishing (MA), with a research thesis concerning Jacques Rivette's film Out 1: Noli me tangere from 1971 (still my favourite film to this day). That project involved quite a lot of translating efforts... and something "clicked" for me with that. I started working as freelance translator basically just right after my graduation, things started to go well surprisingly soon, and here I am today. I never thought for a single second about changing my job or looking for something else.

I am an avidly voracious music fan, loving tens of thousands of records and musicians, from Art Blakey to Portishead. You know the "I will make you a compilation tape" kind of guy anyone in the 1990's knew at least an example of? That was me. And just as much as that, I am also an avid reader. My office/living room is filled with books, you can find anything from Dante Alighieri to Mickey Spillane.

Finally I also like tennis, photography, horology, cinema, cooking and classic tattooing.

I share all this fun with two smart, beautiful, blonde-haired and green-eyed female creatures - a four-pawed one and a two-legged one.

Quotes & Contacts

If you are interested in a quote or are ready for some serious name-dropping, just throw me a line and I will be happy to tell you more about my work, my clients and the projects I worked on so far.

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